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Getting Started with Basic Integration

Here is some information to help get Merchants started with our software integration. For integration instructions for specific shopping carts / system please check this section. If your shopping cart is not listed, please contact our Integrations Manager for compatibility information.


Phase 1

This involves getting our click/sales script and Affiliate Signup page uploaded to your website. Please download and save the latest Setup file by accessing the following link in your web browser:


This package includes all the necessary documentation and files you need to upload and setup on your website. Please be sure to start out by reading the instructional PDF. If you have a website designer / programmer who can take care of all that, please forward this information to them. They can contact our Integrations Manager directly if they need any additional help.

Phase 2

This phase consists of integrating ClickInc.com with the sales/ordering portion of your website. Please check Step 2 in the PDF file for detailed info on that. If you are not familiar with web programming, or your shopping cart / payment system is hosted by a 3rd party (not installed locally on your server), or you are not tracking sales, then it might take more time and involve more custom work. Please contact our Integrations Manager and we will be happy to assist and work with you and your team, to get you up and running!

Phase 3

Now that you are almost ready to go, you need to setup your program settings in the ClickInc.com Merchant Control Panel:

https://affiliates.clickinc.com/affiliate/ (see your Welcome email for your login information)

Once you are logged in, navigate to the Settings tab. In there, you can setup your commission rates and other general settings. You might also want to add marketing material, such as Text Links and Banners; those can be added in the Marketing section. You also have the option to upload a list of your Product SKUs, if you want to offer that to your Affiliates as well.


Phase 4

Testing the system: Please check the PDF setup file for more details on how to test a general sales post to ClickInc.com (to see how it works), as well as to test your website, once it has been fully integrated.

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