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Integration With Zen-Cart

Step 1

Header Script Integration

Before proceeding, please refer to our "Getting Started with Basic Integration" and check Phase 1 to prepare the clickscript.js and other codes required for the HEADER of your templates in Zen-Cart.

Step 1 involves getting our clickscript.js and other javascript included throughout the Zen-Cart template system. Once you have uploaded the clickscript.js file (with your merchant ID in it) to your server, you need to include that, along with the other pieces of javascript code in the Zen-Cart template header. Follow these instructions:

  1. Locate your template header file, by going to: /includes/templates/template_default/common/html_header.php (this might be located in another folder, if you are using a custom template)
  2. Edit that file using a text editor or web editor, and include clickscript.js and other javascript code (before the </head> tag) as described in Phase 1 of "Getting Started with Basic Integration"

Step 2

Sales Integration

This phase consists of integrating ClickInc.com with the sales/ordering portion of your website. Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Please download (see file below) and check the two files in the ZIP to be modified in the Zen Cart store:


2 Open each file and search for "Added For clickinc". Now find the files above, and edit each one according to where the required ClickInc.com code is located. Copy the code and place in the files above, as per the attached files


File Download


Zen Cart Integration Files (ZIP File)


Please note that we do NOT recommend replacing your files with the ones attached. The files attached are simply for you to compare with your current files. You need to place the ClickInc.com code in the correct places yourself.

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