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Can I have multiple ID's?

Yes, you can create multiple Campaigns in your control panel. Simply log in, and navigate to Marketing > Campaigns

In there, you can click at the top right-hand corner to Add Campaign.

By doing this, you will be assigned a new Affiliate ID, with which you can use on other websites, or in email advertising, so you can track clicks and sales with that, as apposed to your original ID, which you may want to use for one specific website or advertising method.

You also have the option to add Sub-ID's to your existing campaigns. Go to Marketing > Sub Campaigns

By adding ID's here, your link will be something like this:

  • www.domain.com/?affId=XXXX&sub=YYYY

Where XXXX is your Campaign ID, and YYYY is the Sub ID.

Sub ID's are linked by using the "sub" variable, at the end of the URL's.



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