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How can I create an affiliate link directly to a product?

If your merchant has a shopping cart, and you want to link directly to one of their product pages, you simply need to add your Affiliate ID at the end of the exact URL to their product page.

For example:

  • http://www.domain.com/product?no=123&affId=XXXX
  • http://www.domain.com/product/product-name.html?affId=XXXX

Make sure to replace "XXXX" with your particular Affiliate ID

Also, depending if the link it to a direct HTML page, or to a page within a shopping cart system which is PHP or ASP, you will either use one of the following:

  • ?affId=XXXX
  • &affId=XXXX

If the link has a ? anywhere towards the end of the URL, then you will want to use &affId=XXXX

If the link has no ? or & in the URL structure, then you would use ?affId=XXXX

If you need more help on this, please consult your web programmer for more information, or contact your Merchant directly for more assistance with their particular system.


SKU List

You may also be able to get the URL's of your Merchant's product pages, if they uploaded their SKU list in their control panel. Once you login to your Affiliate account, navigate to Marketing > SKUs

If there is a list of URL's there, you should be able to find the product you want to link to, and the associated URL (either with ID, or TruLink if available) to use on your website.

If you need more help on this, please contact your Merchant directly, as they will be able to help with SKU list.

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