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What are Alerts?

When a Merchant logs into their account, they may see some Alerts on their Dashboard.

Alerts allow Merchants to monitor their affiliate's traffic, as compared to the previous day's traffic, or with the same day of last week's traffic. This feature will help to see which affiliates may have dropped the program, or who may have been decreasing the visibility of the Merchant's website on theirs.

Merchants can control the percentage by which the ClickInc.com system will go by, to display those Alerts. This setting can be found directly on the Settings page within the control panel.

If the Merchant sets this to, lets say, 50%, anytime any of their affiliates have dropped traffic by 50% (as compared to either yesterday or the same day last week), they will be notified.

So if a Merchant has an affiliate who has been sending really good traffic, but all of a sudden it has dropped below that percentage, there may be some reason for this. The Merchant can then contact that affiliate to see why their traffic has decreased, and try to get him back in the game, by offering him assistance, increasing their commission rate, or some kind of other incentive.

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