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How Do I Setup Flash Banners?

In order to use Flash banners in your ClickInc.com account, you need to follow some instructions to modify the banner. Please follow these steps:


Flash Banners Instructions:

In the flash banners themselves, which you will upload to your clickinc.com merchant panel, you need to make the entire banner a “button”... and the button code (script) needs to have this:

on(release) { getURL(_level0.clickTAG,"_blank"); }

Please note that "_level0" depends on where you put the actual button.

The flash banner should not have any direct link to your website.

With that, the URL of your website will be automatically input into the banner, for each affiliate, so when an affiliate logs into their account and grabs their flash banner code, your URL with their ID will be embedded in there.

What About TruLink Flash Banners?

If you only want to use TruLink, then you’d just put a standard button link directly to your website, and no need to add the above code, but then you risk affiliates who’s websites are NOT registered as TruLink, from being able to use those banners on their site.

TruLink only works when an Affiliate registers their domain name in their account, and you approve that domain name – so they have to actually own it. It cannot be a free domain name that is shared with other users, for example, like www.geocities.com or any other free web host provider.

We highly recommend adding the code above in the flash banner, and let each flash banner dynamically receive the URL information WITH their affiliate’s ID – so you cover all bases.

If you want to offer TruLink compatible flash banners to some specific affiliates, we would recommend sending them the banner code directly, and NOT offer it as a standard banner to all your affiliates – that banner would simply have a direct link to your website. But make sure the domain name where the banner will be applied, is registered and Accepted by you as a TruLink domain, in your merchant account, before they put up the banner.

As well, if the banner is not in the merchant panel, then banner impressions will not work, so only clicks will be registered in this scenerio.

Alternatively, you can add a banner category called Flash TruLink and allow affiliates to take the banner code from there.

If you need any help please let us know. If you need us to help edit the banner for you, please send us the FLA file and we will do it for you.

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