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Where can I edit the emails that are sent out from the ClickInc system?

Once you are logged into your ClickInc.com account, navigate to Dashboard > Contact > Mail Settings

  • From there, you will have a drop down menu of all email responders which are sent to Affiliates in different scenerios (ie: signup welcome email)
  • Select the one you want to edit, and then in the middle area, put your custom content
  • Click Update to save the settings

Note: you will have some variables with which you can add in the emails. They are located on the right-hand side

for example, if you want to include the Affiliate ID in the email message, you would use the following code in the email message: !!!affiliate!!!


The following merge codes may be used in the body of the email:

Affiliate ID !!!affiliate!!!
First Name !!!firstname!!!
Last Name !!!lastname!!!
Company !!!company!!!
Password !!!password!!!
Domain !!!domain!!!
Commission !!!comm_amt!!!
Amount !!!totalpay!!!

Merchant Url !!!M_Url!!!
Merchant Email !!!M_Email!!!
Merchant Company !!!M_Company!!!

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